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Index Production is featured by director Ambrogio Crespi, former vice president of the Alto Verbano production company of the Pozzetto family.

He was director of the "Timing Film Project" producing Geo & Geo for Rai.

He has worked with numerous commercials for major Italian and international companies (Tic Tac with Michelle Hunziker, Peroni, Swatch, Pasta Agnese, Lancia, etc.).

He has developed an entire web site with more than 100 docuweb and specials on Misterblog.it

In recent years he has devoted attention, capacity and dedication to the creation of a new film product: the docu-film.

A new documentary language mixed with movie language that makes a documentary appealing, interesting and engaging.

In very few years he directed:

  • "Enzo Tortora, an Italian wound,", a docufilm telling of the greatest injustice in Italy;
  • "Capitano Ultimo, Le Ali del Falco", with the participation of Raoul Bova;
  • "Malaterra", with Gigi D'Alessio, aboce the Terra Dei Fuochi
  • "Spes Contra Spem", in collaboration with the Custody House Opera, the Penitentiary Department, the head of Dap Santi Consolo and the "None Tocchi Caino" Association;
  • "Giorgia Vive", a docufilm who sees the protagonist Giorgia Benusiglio, well known for his dramatic story that led him to liver transplantation after taking a bite of ecstasy.

Ambrogio Crespi is a filmmaker and author, and has been awarded in several film festivals including Taormina Film Festival and SIFF winner as Best Documentary with "Enzo Tortora, an Italian Wound".

Index Production is therefore able to provide any video product, from a spot to a movie.


Ambrogio Crespi


Ambrogio Crespi