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Indexway is a corporate economic model for ethical and sustainable economic development built on the role of communication.

When we look out of the window, we see more or less the same world we saw twenty years ago. But the equations of the value that describe it are totally changed. Communication is no longer a partial economic combination of marketing, but an integral part of the product system that determines and defines it in the value system.

Indexwayis the system's response to the modern economy.

Indexway is born with the goal of creating value.

The Italian market is a market of excellence, but once such excellence could be communicated at first, "close to home", that is, close to who had developed an idea and then incubating the product, could take place Through the consolidation of a local reputation that by hand came out of the country and which consolidated on a larger market, today this mechanism is no longer suitable for the global market.

Communication must be integrated into the product itself, it becomes a distinctive feature, and it is a critical success factor with respect to competition.

The tools Indexway makes available to the company, but also the policy that has the need to interact with the company are:

  • Market Research & Pool
  • Demand Analysis
  • Event & Advertisment
  • Strategic Communication Support
  • Media Relation & Press Office
  • Technological Platform
  • Video Production
  • Social Media Management
  • Events

Offering a group of professionals and technicians who offer consulting and production tools for advanced business communications, also organizing training times specific to businesses and their staff, which, on the one hand, are out of the big events on the other They offer high-quality professionalism to narrow audiences, combining technical expertise with communication tools.


Indexway is the system's response to the modern economy. It is born with the goal of creating value.


Index Communication is involved in integrated communication, using the everincreasing opportunities from on and offline.


Index Research is based on proven and consolidated experiences within market research.


Featuring director and author Ambrogio Crespi, author of more than 100 docu-web and docu-films.


Index Digital deals with the entire virtual world of the 360 degree Web. We provide complete solutions, we provide server, hosting, graphics.


Index Edutainment offers highly specialized active learning courses, in-depth training and team building.

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